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Hello there, 

I’m humbled to introduce myself to you as an adventurous rogue with a biting old school wit, a scholarly charm, and a penchant for playing such men on the stage. 

I have recently graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre, and have pursued work in show business for almost three years now; working in numerous theatre companies across the northwest Indiana & Chicago region. I’m well versed in the works of Shakespeare both onstage & off (working with the Indianapolis Shakespeare Company & learning from Dr. Diane Timmerman; author of the "90 Minute Shakespeare" books), while also being trained by several prominent names in show business; both in the United States and internationally (from Russia's Marina Brusnikina, to Italy's Marco Luly).

I have no intentions of stopping what I love; for I’m a passionate and proactive performer; constantly and consistently pursuing my goals. Those goals, being the ability to create art with the same means for which we create life, as well as using that art as a tool of advocation for commentary and change. 

- Jacob Herr 

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